December 4, 2017

November Progress Update

Hello Lifesong Blog readers!

I (Ashley Tomic) wanted to say a warm hello to those of you who have been following this ministry and blog since its beginning, and to those of you who may be here for the first time. I am the new blogger for Lifesong For Orphans Canada, and I will do my best to keep you up to date on how God is working in Zambia.

As you may know, I had the opportunity to go to Zambia earlier this year from May until July, and it was an incredible experience. The purpose for my trip was to retake all the student sponsorship pictures as well as update their biographies. When I wasn’t taking pictures or typing their stories I became a teacher’s assistant in whichever classroom needed help at the time.

A lot has happened at the school since I was there: the library construction is finished and now our first ever Lifesong library is being filled with books! We are so grateful for everyone who donated resources for this project—I was able to see first hand how excited the students and teachers were for the books to arrive. We also had Grade 7 graduation, which means that our children who received their certificate of completion will be moving into our new high school in January! It is humbling that God has allowed this school to keep growing, and I speak for the Lifesong staff when I say that we are eager to continue providing education for our students. Because of the growth in classrooms and students we needed a new washroom block, and thankfully the construction on that is almost finished as well. Last but not least, the Lifesong Boarding House for Girls is close to completion! A lot of work has been put into the house to make it a comfortable home for the girls who have been selected to live there. We are in awe at how God has provided for this endeavor as well as excited for this new chapter to unfold.

“Transforming lives through the word of God, inspiring change through learning” is painted in big bold letters of one of the school walls. At Lifesong Harmony School we are committed to provide quality education for our students, but above that we want to share and teach the Word of God because that alone can truly transform lives. Please be praying for that transforming power to continue to change the lives of our students and their families as we serve in Zambia.