February 27, 2018

Vision Team (February 26, 2018)

Today the remainder Zambia Vision Team which arrived on Sunday (Rob Ritzmann, Louis Jahn, Gary Tomic and Peter Friesen), together with Doug Savin and Adrian Achs who had arrived earlier, spent the day at the Lifesong Harmony School. We were given an orientation of the school by Dennis in which he explained much of the history of how it came to the current state. We saw the new computer rooms in which the new 30 laptops will be installed. Gary Tomic met with the local Computer IT person who is to assist with the setup and the curriculum for the students.

Following that we had such a wonderful and moving experience, at general assembly. The teachers, pastor Shadrick and vice principal. Dennis then introduced each of the Vision Team members who expressed their gratitude for the school and gave a short summary of what they do in North America. Mrs. Jessie the vice principal then addressed the school. At the end of Mrs. Jessie’s address, she asked the school which grade was not present? They were the grade 8 students. She then told the assembly to welcome the grade 8 students who were not present for the first part of the assembly. At that point in time, you could hear the grade 8 students singing as they started marching in single file from behind the assembly and all the way to the front and then up to the landing in front of them all. What a beautiful sight it was as all eyes and ears were focused on these beautiful Zambian children, now dressed in the beautiful new school uniforms. The girls had white shirts and beautiful blue-green tartan dresses. The boys had whites shirts with matching blue-green tartan ties. One of the lead girls was wiping away tears of joy as she marched in. It was truly an emotionally charged experience.

In the afternoon, we were introduced to the 21 girls who were selected to go into the new home for vulnerable. After a few exhortations from Dennis and a couple of team members, the girls were asked if they were eager to go into the home. They were very eager to enter this environment where they can feel secure and cared for by two house mothers. They so much wanted to see their new home, but Dennis told them that the renovations were not yet complete, so they had to wait. After meeting with them, the team took a 10 minute walk to the house where they observed the progress on house. Most of the exterior has been completed, the kitchen cabinet framing has been roughed, the washroom showers and toilet stalls have been roughed in. The house is expected to be completed within one month, and the girls are expected to move in about May which is in the second school term. We are so thankful to God for the progress that has been made in every respect.


We visited a class working on math problems with rocks

The cooks preparing lunch for 550 students – corn meal called Nshima and vegetables

Cafeteria and playground

Grade 8 students in their brand new uniforms preparing to sing for us to welcome us to the school in front of all the students

School pastor sharing a devotion in front of the school assembly

Lunch eaten by hands – the corn meal dough like that is used to dip into the bean mix

Inside of the girls home still under construction. This will be the kitchen and the living room.