March 2, 2018

Vision Team (February 28, 2018)

We began the morning by visiting the local Hardware store to pick up some parts to fix the gate at the school. The hardware store was well stocked and we were able to get the parts and allowed Louis and Peter to weld the gate and put new hinges on. This was an unusual sight for many in the compound so they gathered around to watch them perform the work. Rob and Gary worked with the accountant to review the accounts for 2017 and plan for the future projects. The accountant is very diligent in marking all receipts and payments and accounting for all funds in the log book. We are considering migrating from the existing manual system to a computerized system that mirrors the system that Lifesong farms is using as that reduces the amount of work and makes reporting and planning easier than the current manual system.

In the afternoon we spent time at the school finishing the setup of the computers. A teacher from the Lifesong Garneton school that teaches computer classes came to the Harmony school to help us adapt the computer lessons and teach the three teachers at Harmony school how to begin preparing to teach the students. We reviewed the curriculum and made adjustments and Doug and Gary finished both the software and the hardware setup. The preparation that Rob, Adrian, Peter and Louis made for the cables power supplies kept things neat and tidy.

Doug was able to spend some time with the students in the cafeteria sharing a devotion with them. The children were studying the word of God so Doug focused on the power of the word of God having the power to create everything. Just as the Word had the power to create the world it is also the power of God unto salvation.

We ended the day off with a dinner together with Dennis and his family, Ken the project director, Jessie the vice-principal and their spouses.

Doug sharing the devotion

Working with the accountant

Dinner with the Delic’s

Fixing the gate

Fixing the gate

Setting up the computers