March 2, 2018

Vision Team (March 1, 2018)

This is our last day at the school. We were planning to visit one of the female student’s home; she has to walk several KM’s everyday to get to school but due to the rain we had to change our plans. We met with the teachers at the school and the children at a general assembly. It was a moving experience as the whole school sang together and then the grade 5 class presented a special number. We all had a chance to share some encouraging words to the teachers and the students. We then sang God Be With You together with the teachers and Amazing Grace while Louis played the guitar. Then all 550 students lined up and gave us high fives as they left the cafeteria to go back to their classes.

One of the girls that lives the farthest away from the school was constantly shivering because she was completely wet. She walked a long distance in the rain to school that morning. Dennis took her with us in the van to his house to have her changed into clean dry clothes. Once the girls home is complete she will be moving to the girls’ home which is just around the corner from the school and won’t have to suffer like this. Several other students that were also damp gathered around the cooking fire in the cafeteria to warm up.

It was sad to leave the school and the many people we met but it was also fulfilling to see what could be accomplished in a short time.

IMG_0762 - Copy

Warming up by the cooking fire