Lifesong’s pledge to our children is that each one would be provided with the food, clothing, medical care, and shelter they need. We also commit to providing Christian training and discipleship, a quality education, and continued love and support as they transition into adult living. Most importantly, Lifesong seeks to bring joy and purpose to orphans by sharing the Good News of the Father’s love and the hope that is offered through life in Christ. 

Click on “Sponsor a Child” to see a list of all our Lifesong students. Please read our instructions for Canadian/American sponsors directly below. IMPORTANT: we cannot issue tax receipts if you donate through the incorrect channel. 

Sponsor a Child
Canadian Sponsors

Click on a child’s image to learn more about them before sponsoring them. Clicking on “Sponsor Now!” will bring you directly to the checkout page.

American Sponsors

Please note: click on the child’s image to sponsor them. This will bring you to their page, where you will find a link that will bring you to the Lifesong USA donation form, The form is autofilled with that child’s info, and all you need to do is fill in your personal and payment info. 

What is the sponsorship program?

The sponsorship program is how we support our children. It’s just one of the ways that we can take care of God’s orphans and children. By sponsoring one of our children, you are providing them with their basic physical needs and you are showing them God’s love. Sometimes these children wonder why someone who has never met them has taken the time to take care of them, and the only answer is that we give because God has given everything to us. 

When you sponsor a child, you pay $40 each month. With this $40, you help cover the following needs:

  • Two meals each day 
  • School supplies and materials
  • Medical care (we have a nurse at the school)
  • School uniform
  • Operating costs of the girls’ home

The child you sponsor will have all of their needs met and will receive a high quality education as well as Christian mentoring and discipleship. 

Why Lifesong Child Sponsorship?

100% of your sponsorship contribution received by Lifesong for Orphans (Canada) goes directly towards caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Lifesong has been blessed with partners that underwrite all administrative and fundraising costs. All of our staff work with Lifesong on a volunteer basis, meaning that every last cent of your donation goes to the orphans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my Sponsorship?

There are several payment methods available:

  • If you sponsor a child monthly, you can pay by credit card or VISA Debit through our SECURE website. Select a child and your card will be debited $40 each month.
  • *NEW* – Yearly sponsorships are now online! You can pay a one-time payment of $480 and cover your sponsorship for the year. Look through our list of children and enter their name in the Memo field on the yearly sponsorship page.
  • Yearly sponsorships may also be paid by cash, cheque, or money transfer. For more information, please email

As a Child Sponsor, what do I receive?

You will receive a sponsorship package in the mail which will include a thank you letter and a prayer card for your child. This card includes the child’s name, picture, some important details about them, and their bio write-up. It’s a great tool to post somewhere in your home as a reminder of where your sponsorship is going.

Can I write letters to my Sponsored Child?

Yes! Beginning in June 2018, our sponsored children will write to their sponsors. Those letters will be sent to North America electronically (it takes one to two months for letters to arrive to or from Zambia) and our team in North America will distribute them to each sponsor. Each sponsor will receive a template to write back to their child. We are planning on having letter exchanges in June and December, so each sponsor will receive two letters and send two letters.

How does my Sponsorship further the ministry in Zambia?

Child sponsorships are vital to the operation of the school and, beginning in January 2018, the girls’ home. Child sponsorships are what sustains the ministry and provide the children with the everyday essentials they require to be successful students. Your sponsorship also covers the wages of our Zambian staff, meaning that you are essentially helping the economy of a poverty-stricken country. And, as of January 2018, your sponsorship covers the operating costs of the girls’ home, where we have recently enrolled 25 young girls.